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What’s Sichuan?

`Real Sichuan` is a puzzle game to clear all of the same Mah-jong tiles on the board.
The tile can be taken if same art tiles can be connected with the straight line which it turns twice at a maximum.
It is an so easy that you can play a game immediately after downloading!

Special Feature1 <Beautiful Graphic>

The pride of `Real Sichuan` is its beautiful art of Mah-jong tiles also on a big screen like a Tablet.

Since scaling is carried out using the vector picture on 16 tiles or 32 tiles mode let alone 144 tiles of standard mode, you can enjoy a game with a very beautiful art of Mah-jong tiles.

Special Feature2 <Real Sound>

As to sound effects, the sound of a real Mah-jong tile is used so also sense of presence is raised (ON/OFF is possible for a sound effect on the setting).


Although the time of a finishing is registered into ranking, it can reproduce and re-play the row of a tile when it registers with ranking.
How about challenging the game of a world ranking higher rank?
The re-play function can also use the ranking in the terminal in use.
(The time of a re-play becomes the outside for ranking)

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144 tiles mode | Capture on the Android3.2 Tablet

32 tiles mode | Capture on the Android3.2 Tablet

56 tiles mode | Capture on the Android2.2 Smartphone

80 tiles mode | Capture on the Android2.2 Smartphone

Menu | Capture on the Android3.2 Table

Mode Select | Capture on the Android3.2 Tablet


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